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This is the third time John said, Jesus was deeply troubled about the things to come and what he was about to reveal to the gathered disciples. The anxiety, the anguish and the torment is beyond belief. He told them, "One of you will betray me." It was mystifying. Everyone around the table was puzzled. They didn’t get it. They couldn’t believe that someone in their group would entertain such a treacherous act. They didn’t understand what he was talking about. If ever that was possible, they wanted to know. They were at a loss and so, am I as I immersed myself in the story. I also don't get the fact that the unfolding depths of God’s plan included someone to commit treachery. God allowed it. Once again, we ask the same question, did God need Judas to fulfill the scriptures? Was Judas necessitated? Could he have designed something else?

The beloved disciple seated next to Jesus' side leaned back and said," Master, who is it?" Jesus replied, "It is the one to whom I hand the morsel after I have dipped it." So he dipped the morsel and took it and handed it to Judas, son of Simon the Iscariot. The most devastating of this entire prediction is that the betrayer is an intimate companion. The traitor is in their midst, sitting with them in the table and sharing meals. After the handing of the morsel, "Satan entered him." Judas had a choice but he deliberately consented to Satan. He allowed himself to be possessed by the dominion outside God, a power that is irreconcilable with God. When you do such a thing, you are totally separating from God. There’s no middle ground nor gray area.  

In life, nothing is worst than being betrayed by a close friend. Nothing is more devastating than being double crossed by a trusted companion. Nothing is  heartbreaking than infidelity. After the betrayal, was he remorseful? Was he genuinely contrite? Did he ask for forgiveness? Or did he go in despair? One thing is certain, a betrayer is always a loser. Treachery is a no-win situation. Betrayal is the most disgusting of all. Have you ever been betrayed by a close friend? a trusted person? an intimate companion? Amen.