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No religious person in his/her right mind can support the direct killing of an innocent human being through abortion. On the sad 47th Anniversary (January 22, 1973) of the infamous Supreme Court Decision known as Roe v. Wade that legalized the heinous crime of abortion, we solemnly pray for the more than 50 million innocent unborn lives (who for many were nothing but a piece of tissue/cells...evil hiding under rights/priorities and wrapped with all excuses) that have been taken away and haven't had the chance to be born and lived in a country described as the land of limitless opportunities, as a result of a quick solution (an easy way out) to a complex moral dilemma. We include in our prayers the many confused men and women including parents seriously considering abortion at the present moment. We offer God's immense compassion, mercy and forgiveness to those who have committed this horrible act and are still struggling with the painful memory of loss... letting them know that there's no sin that’s unforgivable. We thank the pro-life movement for their absolute commitment to the non- violent protest and willingness to endure and face suffering, ridicule, embarrassment and shame that more often didn't matter at all so long as they can save the unborn...

Whether or not the law is overturned in the coming years, in the end, the real victims are the innocents...the unborn, the mothers to be and those directly involved on it and the entire society.

Ultimately, my body - my choice, is by far the strongest argument against the eternal battle for life as it irredeemably leaves no room for potential dialogue. No motive or circumstance will morally justify the deliberate (direct) killing of an innocent human being. Religious people, bound by the tenets of the institution, have sacred and moral responsibilities to interfere in this affair even to the point of breakdown in relationships. Ignoring altogether this pressing socio-cultural-political-medical-religious-moral issue combined conceivably means (tacit approval).

The pro-life movement exists to provide a voice for and from the unborn to the most vulnerable adult, offer support for the countless individuals whose back are against the wall and the aftermath - the terrible consequences in years to come. This movement emerged from the sidelines as a peaceful protest (not an armed struggle by any means) against a decadent society.

As a sign of prayer and mourning for the millions of innocent lives lost and sympathy for those still grieving for the loss, candles will be lit overnight at the Mother of life Grotto. Masses will be offered for peace and justice (for the legal protection of the unborn). Join us in the novena 9daysforlife! 

Today is a day of Prayer for the Legal Protection of the Unborn Children.