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How’s life under the threat of Coronavirus outbreak? What does life mean in the midst of this unprecedented global health crisis? It certainly disrupted and upended our daily (personal and work) lives in a way we probably have never seen before. Although developments in the daily press briefings are highly encouraging, we don’t know what will happen in the weeks and months head. The magnitude of this pandemic is just beginning to unfold. Schools, businesses and offices…places where people normally congregate and gravitate have been closed indefinitely including churches that’s why we’re going digital to better serve the Catholic Community. Although the public celebration of weekday and Sunday Masses including our carefully planned Lenten activities and other parish regular meetings and events have been temporarily suspended which means we won’t see each other in the church for quite some time, we want to make sure that the spiritual and religious needs of the parishioners are taken care of. Thanks to online life. This crisis provides opportunities to be creative in spreading the gospel, by that I mean not just the word but the reality, the experience and the encounter with God. We are live streaming our weekday and Sunday Masses, Friday stations of the cross and eucharistic adoration for healing.

When the book of Deuteronomy enjoins us to observe the statutes and decrees that you may live, the author refers to the inner life which us, modern people are desperately longing for. That you may live means that you may go through this, that you may overcome this hurdle, that you may get back to the normal course of life, that that the rapid spread of Covid-19 may quickly come to an end…

Our humble contribution is intercession.

Join me in invoking the Holy Spirit as we raise our petitions before God.

Let us pray…For the speedy recovery of the infected patients especially those who are severely ill…For the hundreds of thousands who had been exposed to Covid-19…For the whole world and for countries under lockdown and quarantine that the welfare of the citizens be safeguarded…For the overwhelmed hospitals and health care workers in the frontlines…For health experts engaged in the discovery of vaccines...For local communities and small towns such as Douglas and Pirtleville bracing for the onslaught of this pandemic…For financially struggling families and unemployed individuals thrown into economic difficulties…For all of us who have been deeply affected in all aspects of life…For anxious, worried, and fearful individuals (all of us sometime fall into this category) that together we place our trust in the arms of our loving God.

For the eternal repose of the souls who died of Coronavirus. Rest in Peace...

We pray for the migrants and refugees, the incarcerated, victims of drug addiction and the opiod epidemic, the homebound, speedy recovery for the sick, hope for the terminally ill and the dying.  

We pray for the eternal repose of the souls of the parishioners who recently passed away and offer condolences, sympathy and consolation to the grieving families, relatives and friends. Rest assured, the gathered community  they are included in the prayers of the community.

Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon them. May they rest in peace. May their souls and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God rest in peace. Amen.