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When public places are mostly closed and many of us work offsite and study at home, we hear a lot about social distancing and self-isolation/quarantine but during these tough times, there’s also something that’s going viral, the stuff of life that’s trending which is getting a lot of attention and becoming contagious and infectious and that’s the increasing sense of solidarity and the overwhelming number of support on local, national and global level. Yesterday, I was told that parishioners brought canned goods in the office for the needy.

In a state of emergency, at a time when the normal course of our lives have been interrupted and almost brought to a halt: panic buying, hoarding food and stocking up supplies in our pantries which is a normal instinct is the name of the game. However, if there’s a needy person, we just have no option but to share what we have as today we are reminded of the two great commandments: to love God and to love our neighbor and that these two are inseparable. The proof that we really love God is, if we love our neighbor. While many of us are staying indoors and working at home, observing social distancing and following stringent measures, let us not forget the needy especially the most vulnerable among us, the elderly in our midst who probably are too afraid to run errands and buy groceries. Social isolation doesn’t mean the end of social love. Care for neighbor never slows down for us. Someone told me while that Douglas may be running out of frijoles and tortilla, love and care is increasingly overflowing.

In the midst of all these unprecedented troubles, there’s an outpouring of support. There’s an explosion of a deep sense of solidarity. There’s an overload of the love of God even if at this moment, virtual parish (as we may call it) until further notice pulls us together in the digital world.

This crisis will take us to a vision and level of humanity for the better. This crisis will make us better individuals. This crisis will bring out the best in humanity. They said, there’s no such thing as merely human or simply human. It’s either we are superhuman or inhumane. 

Love of God and love of Neighbor start from the ground up, not from an expert, nor from a famous person but from us, in our inner circle. Generosity, forgiveness, care and concern for one another are engraved in us and not something we have to look outside. The two greatest commandments: love of God and love of neighbor are highly contagious too. In fact, they are more infectious than Covid-19.