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The Resurrrection of Christ is the foundation of Christian Faith

The resurrection of Christ is the foundation of Christian Faith. This historically verifiable bold claim attested by the confession of faith in the sacred writings, rests on the truth that Jesus is risen from the dead. And that the incredible encounter with the risen Lord holds our faith together. Without the resurrection then, there’s no Christianity. Since the rising from the dead was a totally unexpected event, the initial reaction of the eyewitnesses was completely understandable. If I were one of them seeing dead man walking, I probably would have a similar reaction that is, to freak out as everyone thought Good Friday was an epic failure, a collapse of the mission he intended to establish.     

A trending phrase in social media: no pain, no gain; no guts, no glory; no cross, no resurrection would best describe the depths of the three days. The Cross and resurrection are inseparable even in human terms. We know how the series unfolded and how it was perfectly executed by God. What was once seen as a mark of failure, embarrassment and defeat has become the central symbol of triumph and victory shattering darkness and gloom and previous claims.  


The resurrection is not a resuscitation of a dead person coming back to normal life and later, goes the natural process of death. It’s not our common understanding of raising a corpse back to life. The bodily Resurrection of Jesus is a whole new way and higher level of existence able to cook fish, share meals, join the company by the beach, and even penetrate through fortified walls and closed doors. The resurrection is the fulfillment of God’s promise of lifting us up to him in the end times. 


This leads me to the renewal of the baptismal promises: renounce the power of evil and profess our faith in God who raised Jesus from the dead – the ultimate expression of his love. After the renewal, the presider goes around sprinkling Holy water as a sign of rebirth (a springtime). Easter Sunday is tough because you never know whether or not the words (promises made) sink deep in the pew. If experience is any indication, the church will be half-empty next week. On the flip side, dear preacher, if God rose Jesus from the dead (vindication or otherwise), then, anything can happen. Amen.



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