Religious Education

Religious Education is of paramount importance in the life of our small local community here in southern Arizona. The religious foundation and spiritual growth of our children is on top of our priorities. Parents/guardians are the first teachers/religious educators/spiritual witnesses of their children's faith. The family along with the godparents create a loving and faith-filled atmosphere. Parents/guardians, then, are primarily responsible in the religious upbringing of the children. What we do for one hour and a half weekly is merely supplementary. However, while parents give birth, Catechists bring life whose job may be much more than that of a parent. Religious Education is an eternal investment. Bring kids to church, teach them Catholicism and you're making yourself a huge favor. It takes a village. We are working doubly hard in order to be of great service to the Catholic Community of Douglas-Pirtleville. Religious Education is summed up in the Sunday celebration of the Holy Eucharist, the source and summit of Christian life. Mass is life. Liturgy sustains our faith. Without ritual, we cease being religious.

September 7, the day after Labor Day is the start of the religious education program.